Wendy is Wally's new friend, introduced in A Tiny Problem, and she was Norville's BFF. Wendy appears again in the episode The Return of Victor the Villain.

Wendy Whittle
Full Name
Wendy Windy Whittle lll
Mrs. Whittle (mother) Mr. Whittle (father)
Norville's BFF
Playing around, living in logs, marshmallows
The Flipmunk eating the berry
First Appearance
A Tiny Problem
Latest Appearance
Hanging out with Norville and going on a quest.

Personality Edit

Wendy Whittle is a very cheerful creature who is very so younger than Libby. Mr. Whittle is her father and her mother is Mrs. Whittle.

The Return of Victor the Villain Edit

She also appears again in the episode 'BFF Day'. Wally and Norville were playing super heroes and when Wally was singing, he accidentally brought Victor out of his comic book. Wally and Norville as Mighty Troll and Wonder Dragon had to save her marshmallow couch and everyones' stuff from Victor.

Trivia Edit

  • Wendy is different from Libby. And she was 7 years old and doesn't have any fairy wings like Katy or Libby.
  • In the episode 'BFF Day', she was not wearing her normal clothes anymore. Instead, she wears a party dress with black spots on the red dress like a ladybug/ladybird.
  • She is becomes Norville's new BFF in the end of the episode 'A Tiny Problem'. She also appears in several episodes.

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