We Must Have Mud is a song from Dragon Hiccups

Characters SingingEdit

Wally Trollman

Stan of the Swamp


Wally Trollman: We would trade you this rock or this slightly warm sock or this yellowish leaf

Stan of the Swamp: I don't need your silly stuff this is mud is all for me

Wally Trollman: I have a lovely pile of dirt you would look great in this shirt how about this one of a kind wooden sign.

Stan of the Swamp:Sorry but your out of luck this mud is mine and so's the sign

Wally Trollman: We need mud we need mud yeah we must have mud we need some mud for sure stan has so much we can beg but he won't budge we must have mud for a cure you look like you need a log this one comes with the frog and wait ti'll you see this guy leap

Stan of the Swamp:Sure that's kinda of tempting but mud does not come cheap

Wally Trollman:We need mud we need mud yeah we must have mud we need some mud for sure to make these hiccups go away we better find something to trade we must have mud for a cure yeah we need some mud for sure do you want a new chair  or a bow for your hair? or maybe a snack that you can eat

Stan of the Swamp:Must I spell it out real slow n o still means--

Stan of the Swamp [Speaking]: Wait did you say eat?

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