{{Infobox|Box title = Totally Swamped

|Image file =

|Image size =

|Row 1 title = Episode

|Row 1 info = [ Season 1], Episode 7

|Row 2 title = Airdate

|Row 2 info = 2/21/2014

|Row 3 title = Previous Episode

|Row 3 info = [[Picnic: Impossible]]

|Row 4 title = Next Episode

|Row 4 info = [[Day in the Dark]]

|Row 5 title = Featured Letter

|Row 5 info = '''M'''

|Row 6 title = Director

|Row 6 info = Beth Sleven

|Row 7 title = Writer

|Row 7 info = Bradley Zweig

|Row 8 title = Music

|Row 8 info = Douglas Wieselman}} '''Naptime for Borgelorp''' is the first episode of ''Wallykazam!'' from the first season.

===Characters ===

*[[Wally Trollman]]


*[[Gina Giant]]

*[[Ogre Doug]]

*[[Stan of the Swamp]]


When Wally's Glider lands in Stan's Swamp, Stan challenges Wally orders to get his glider back after he'll make Stan laugh. It is Not an Easy Task at all, because He'd never laughed before

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