Thundergoblin Edit

Plot Edit

You may think Bobgoblin, is just like any ordinary goblin. But what you don't is he has an all time superhero secret. Now he'll some help with his friends Wally and Norville to save the world.

Characters Edit

  • Bobgoblin/Thundergoblin (as the main hero)
  • Wally/Mighty Troll
  • Norville/Wonder Dragon
  • Stinky Rich (Debut as the main villain)
  • Lizarda (Debut as Bobgoblin's love interest)

Transcript Edit

Bobgoblin (narrating): Here's the story of how my life changed.

Bobgoblin: Hi guys. What is everyone doing here?

Wally: Cause there's a strange singal, coming from the top of that building.

Norville: Yeah.

Bobgoblin: Oh uhh... That's nice, well umm Bobgoblin should be heading home.

Hattie: What for?

Bobgoblin: Uhh... Nothing. Bye. Bobgoblin.

Wally: Hmm. Something strange is going on.

Norville: Yeah. Too strange.

Wally: Let's just follow Bobgoblin to make sure.

Norville: Ok.

Bobgoblin: Looks like it's the city needs me.

Both: Huh?

Bobgoblin: Good. Nobody's around. Let's Get Thunderize!

Wally: Thunderize?

Both: (gasp) Wow!

Wally: The inside of Bobgoblin's house looks pretty cool.

Norville: Yeah. Really cool.

Bobgoblin: Can Bobgoblin get you Trollmen anything?

Both: (startled)

Bobgoblin: What's the big idea coming inside of my house, without letting me know?

Wally: We're very sorry Bobgoblin. But what's this stuff?

Bobgoblin: (sighing) Trollmen, Bobgoblin has never told you this before but he's a secret hero.

Wally: (gasps) Wow! That's awesome!

Norville: Yeah.

Bobgoblin: Uh-huh. It is but being a secret hero is a lot for Bobgoblin to handle alone. Which is why I will like you guys to be my partners.

Both: (gasp) Whoa!

Wally: Are those The Wonder Dragon and Mighty Troll costumes.

Bobgoblin: Yep. Now let's get Thunderize!

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