The Little Griffins (individual names Charles, Charlotte and Carlos) are young griffin triplets who are the children of Jenna. They made their first appearance in "Trouble with the Griffin Triplets".

The Little Griffins
Full Name
Charles, Charlotte and Carlos
Jenna (mother)
Their mother, fun, candy for dinner, pastrami sandwich, two step dancing (Charlotte only)
Going to bed, broccoli, clowns, Being told they could't have candy for dinner
Charles: "Ooh, licorice!"

Charlotte: "I wanna sing a song about daisies and buttercups!"

Carlos: "Is that a clown? I don't like clowns!"

About Edit

The Little Griffins are young griffin triplets of Jenna who lives in the mountains. They were known for wanting candy for dinner, and loved Bobgoblin's pastrami sandwiches. The only triplet who is female was Charlotte who likes two step dancing. In "The Triplets' 7th Birthday", reveals that they were afraid of clowns when Wally accidentally made one with his magic stick. Their coulrophobia (fear of clowns) causes them to fly away and being scattered around the forest.

In the episode, "Flower Power" has Charlotte to sing a song about daisies and buttercups while watering flowers in Wally's backyard with Wally and Norville.

Appearance Edit

The trio appear to all look the same. The only difference between them was their eye color. Charles has brown eyes, Charlotte has blue eyes and Carlos with green eyes. Charlotte being the only female in the trio, she has eyelashes.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite them being mischievous, they seem to have a good relationship with their mother, and also their friends, especially Wally.
  • They all have coulrophobia (fear of clowns).