Wallykazam! Theme Song Lyrics!00:36

Wallykazam! Theme Song Lyrics!

Wallykazam Theme Song

Say The Word is the theme song to Nick Jr' show Wallykazam. It is played after the cold opening in each episode.
Title Card!

Title Card

Characters SingingEdit


Male Singer: Wally found a stick,

Waved it in the air,

All these magic words went flying everywhere

If you need a friend,

To lend a helping hand,

You can count on Wally

Wally Trollman: (Say Wallykazam!)

Male Singer: Anything is possible

With Wally all you need is the word!

Say the Word, Say the Word!

Wally Trollman, Gina Giant, Ogre Doug, Libby Light Sprite: Wallykazam!

Male Singer: Say it, Say it

Hear the music play it now

Say the Word, Say the Word

Various (see below): Woo-o-o-oo!

Male Singer: Wally, Wally, Wallykazam!

Norville: Ruff!


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