A New Creature FriendA Tiny ProblemA Tiny Problem (credits)
Adam PeltzmanAlex KellyAria Capria
BFF DayBaby DragonBaby Snow Dragon
BadgoblinBarbara BakerBetty Yeti
BlathertashBobgoblinBobgoblin's Mom
Bobgoblin's Wonderful World Of AutotainmentBobgoblin clonesBoblandia National Anthem
BorgelorpCake MonsterCappie
Castle CafeCastle Cafe (credits)Castle Caper
Castle Caper (credits)Chris PhillipsCritter Campers
Day in the DarkDay in the Dark (credits)Dragon Bath Party
Dragon HiccupsDragon Hiccups (credits)Dragons
Enchanted Sprite Fruit GardenEpisode GuideFlipmunk
Forest Ballet ContestFun FactsGhost
Gina's houseGina GiantGoblin Forest
Goblin GuardGoing CoconutsGreat Galloping Goblins
Great Galloping Goblins (credits)Harry ColetteHattie the Witch
Home Swamp HomeHopgoblinHopgoblin (credits)
HotrisHow to Bathe Your DragonHow to Bathe Your Dragon (credits)
Isa, Alina and ShimaJim GaffiganJingle Troll
KatyKeeping Cappie HappyLibby's Mom
Libby Light SpriteLinda TrollmanList of Goofs
List of episode creditsLizetteMama Dragon
Marsha of the MarshMarvin the MouthMission for Mom
Mission for Mom (credits)Mr. TrollmanMrs. Whittle
Mumble MonkeyMustache DayMustache Day (credits)
My Friend The KingNamptime for Borgelorp (song)Nancy the Naughty Noodle
Naptime for BorgelorpNaptime for Borgelorp (credits)Norville
Ogre DougOgre Doug's Rhyme SongPicnic: Impossible
Picnic: Impossible (credits)Picnic TimePlay It Again, Stan (credits)
Play it Again, StanRobgoblinRock and Troll
RockelleRunning RitaRunning Rita (credits)
Say The WordSeason 1 GoofsSkydasher Steve
Snow Place Like HomeSnow Place Like Home (credits)Snow dragon
SpoonStan of the SwampThe Big Cake Mistake
The Big Goblin ProblemThe Big Goblin Problem (credits)The Cake Monster
The Cake Monster (credits)The Dragon GamesThe Dragon Games (credits)
The Explorers ClubThe Explorers Club (credits)The Great Wishing Potato
The Great Wishing Potato (credits)The Nice NinjasThe Rock Can Talk
The Rock Can Talk (credits)The Switching StoneThe Switching Stone (credits)
The night dragonThomas LangstonThundergoblin
Totally SwampedTotally Swamped (credits)Troll
Vanessa BayerVictor the VillainVictor the Villain (character)
Victor the Villain (credits)VictoriaWally's Cousin
Wally Saves the TrollidaysWally Saves the Trollidays (credits)Wally Trollman
Wallykazam!Wallykazam's New AdventuresWallykazam Wiki
Wallykazam Wiki Chat policyWe Must Have MudWendy Whittle
What The Treasure Could BeWikia RulesWizard Jeff
File:.028 Wally Norville & Zachary.jpgFile:.028 Wally Norville & Zachary 28.jpgFile:.6.png
File:7801.pngFile:Adam-Peltzman-263x300.jpgFile:BackyardigansKaibigan's Icon.png
File:CakeMonsterFacebook.jpgFile:Cake monster.jpgFile:Capture.PNG
File:Favicon.icoFile:Forum new.gifFile:Gina-thumb.jpg
File:Gina.jpgFile:Gina Giant!.jpgFile:Gina Giant.png
File:Gina Giant2.pngFile:Gina Giant3.pngFile:Gina Giant from Wallykazam!.png
File:Gobobb.pngFile:IMG 20150509 040853.jpgFile:IMG 20150509 041222.jpg
File:Libbb.pngFile:Libby.pngFile:Libby Light-Sprite.png
File:Libby Light Sprite.pngFile:Libby Light Sprite from Wallykazam!.pngFile:Little Witch.png
File:Norville the Dragon from Wallykazam!.pngFile:Ogre-doug-thumb.jpgFile:OgreNorvalWall.png
File:Ogre Doug.pngFile:Ogre Doug from Wallykazam!.pngFile:Przykład.jpg
File:Rockelle.pngFile:Stan.pngFile:Stan of the Swamp.png
File:Stan of the Swamp from Wallykazam!.pngFile:Title Card!.pngFile:Wally-thumb.jpg
File:WallyNorvilleWendy.jpgFile:Wally Trollman.pngFile:Wally Trollman from Wallykazam!.png
File:Wally has to help Bobgoblin find Hattie and get her to change him back before sunset or he will be a bunny forever.jpgFile:Wallykazam! Theme Song Lyrics!File:Wallykazam-launch-thumb.jpg
File:Wallykazam-video-app 51614-96914 3.jpgFile:Wallykazam.pngFile:Wendy.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:With Pointy Hats Today!.png

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