Katy is a female light green fairy who first appeared in the episode 'A New Creature Friend'. She is a 6-year-old fairy and she was Libby's pen pal from India.

Full Name
Katy Icy Wind lll
cheerful, nice, generous, loving
Libby, trying on new shoes, snacks
Stan taking her new shoes, her beautiful shoes being dirty by Stan's swamp
Pen Pal
Unnamed mother, unnamed father, unnamed sisters
To try out on new shoes she buy.

Info Edit

Katy first appeared when she went off the plane at the airport and was later been met by Wally and his friends. Wally says hi to her. And she says hi in Indian language. Wally learned that she usually speaks Indian. They then decided to give Katy a friendly tour in the forest. After showing Katy everything in the forest, Katy is about to go back to India. She then brings her bag, and says goodbye to them in Indian language. When the plane carries her away, Libby decided to write a letter to Katy. Wally then uses his magic stick to create the words 'paper' and 'pencil', to help Libby write a letter to her pen pal.

Trivia Edit

  • Katy has different fairy wings to Libby's.
  • She usually likes to try on new shoes. In the episode 'Mission For Katy', Libby decided to buy blue shoes for her. The episode's title is similar to the episode 'Mission for Mom'.
  • It's unknown how many sisters she had in India.

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