Isa, Alina and Shima Giant are Gina's three long-lost cousins who made their cameos in a photo in Gina's bedroom in "Mission to Jupiter". They used to found some Jupiter Crystals on Jupiter when Gina is in her young age.

Isa, Alina and Shima
Full Name
Isabelle, Aliana and Shimilia Giant
Gina Giant (cousin)
Gina, looking for Jupiter Crystals, parties such as Thanksgiving parties, Christmas parties, etc. soda
Being long-lost forever, leaving Gina behind
Sweet, nice, gentle
To be founded
First Appearance
Mission to Jupiter (cameo in a photo)
57 November, 2004

Appearance Edit

They have green, orange and sparkly blue skins and black long hair, blonde ponytail, and two buns. Alina is seen wearing a blue bow and has glasses. They all even wear the same clothes as Gina, except their clothes are green, orange and sparkly blue instead of dull pink. They all even have blue eyes, except for Isa who has forest green eyes.

History Edit

They made their cameo in a photo inside Gina's bedroom in the episode "Mission to Jupiter". They were also mentioned in "Libby and the Moonflower", that it was later revealed that they became long-lost while they and Gina play hide and seek those years ago. They will be later founded in some featured episodes. Their status and whereabouts are nearly unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • They are the featured characters who are not been founded by Gina in the series yet.
  • In the photo inside Gina's bedroom, Alina is not wearing glasses.

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