Dragons are a collection of various subspecies which play a prominent role in the show. Norville is the most-featured one, as a companion to Wally. Two episodes are named after them:

  1. Dragon Hiccups
  2. Dragon Bath Party

Species mentioned in the show include:

  1. night dragons, Norville befriends a female one who is afraid of light in the same way he is afraid of the dark
  2. snow dragons, including a Baby Dragon and Mama Dragon in Snow Place Like Home
  3. jungle dragons, which Ogre Doug mentions as liking bananas
  4. water dragons, which Doug also mentions, and Wally tests by dumping water on the baby dragon's head to see if he would like it

The particular species that Norville is has not yet been mentioned. His red color may mean he is related to the element of fire.

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