A song that is sung in the 1 hour special, The Big Goblin Problem.



Boblandia, Boblandia, Boblandia, Boblandia!

Bobgoblin: Its a Bobgoblin land! better than! I could have planned!

Wally: Would anyone have thought? bubbles brought such a lot!

Bobgoblin: Probably not! Bobgoblins climbing over the wall! Bobgoblins hanging out in the hall!

Ogre Doug: Bobgoblins piling onto my truck!

Stan: Bobgoblins making off with my muck!

Clones: In Boblandia, welcome to Boblandia, Boblandia!

Wally: What would my uncle say?

Wally and Libby: Find a way to save the day!

Wally: Skydashers never rest!

Libby: They give their best!

Wally and Libby: Nothing less!

Wally: But what a mess!

Barbara Baker: Bobgoblins made a mess of my dough!

Libby: Bobgoblins everywhere that I go!

Ogre Doug: Bobgoblins came and jumped on my bed!

Gina: Bobgoblins took a nap on my head! On my head!

Clones: In Boblandia, welcome to Boblandia, Boblandia!

Bobgoblin: And now, please rise for our national anthem!

Clones: Boblandia, of thee we loudly sing, so everyone can hear us, even if they're far away!

Bobgoblin: You may now resume troublemaking! *scatting*

Clones: In Boblandia, welcome to Boblandia, Boblandia!

Bobgoblin: Conga!

(conga music plays)


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