Bobgoblin's Mom is the mother of Bobgoblin. It's unknown what she looks like.

Bobgoblin's Mom
Other Names
Mrs. Goblin
Bobgoblin (son)
Robgoblin (brother or brother-in-law)
Being nice, helping, caring, sharing her things
Thieving, her son being in mischief, lying and tricking anyone
Kind, caring, sweet, sharing, motherly, honest, generous
To help anyone who needs her help.

== History ==she was not seen in any featured episodes yet, but she used to tell Bobgoblin the story of The Island of Candy when he was little. She was mentioned in the episode, "The Dragon Who Could Be Candy King". She later appears in a portrait in the Christmas special, Norville and the Tales of Christmas. Her portrait is based upon James Whistler's painting, Symphony in White, also known as The White Girl. Her portrait was stored in Bobgoblin's room. It was later revealed that she became Bobgoblin's long-lost mother and disappeared in some country those years ago, leaving her son a changed kid.

Trivia Edit

  • She's the first mother who hasn't been found by anyone in the series yet.
  • In some featured specials, she will be found by someone in any featured episode special.

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